Unplugged - A Comeback Story eBook

Unplugged - A Comeback Story eBook

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Can a rock star make a comeback after killing his wife?

Or will they always remember THAT night?

When the members of the band Holland want to crawl back out of obscurity and try for a reunion tour, they can't convince their lead singer to hop on board...so they ask his father, a legendary rocker himself, to take his place.

But that doesn't sit well with Tagg Holland...

With reluctance the size of his growing beer-belly, he hires a personal trainer to help get him back into shape, back on the road, and back into the hearts of the fans who renounced him the night his A-list actress wife was found dead.

What he doesn't expect is the comeback of his own love life...

But it doesn't last long...

Once again, Tagg Holland is found with 'blood on his hands' when his new love-interest is nearly burned to death in his house.

What will happen to the rocker now that another near-fatal accident has his name written all over it?

And what will he become when he has no more chances left to take?

Take the ride with Tagg Holland as he's handed one obstacle after another, and fall in love with him despite his considerable flaws...because who can't help rooting for the down-on-his-luck has-been rock star?

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